The Origin Story

It was on a cold and rainy October night, after many laughs and beers that the conversation turned serious. Seated around a campfire, chasing down the wee hours of the morn, one man closer to middle age than not looked at another and said "You know, we never did complete the Maryland Challenge." In the moment, the mere suggestion of revisiting a long forgotten promise of hiking 40+ miles without stopping garnered a chuckle, but was quickly dismissed.

Several weeks later, the idea of hiking the entirety of the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail without reprieve came up again. Our heroes solemnly agreed, it was time. Fate herself had guided this remembrance, and who were they to ignore it! Now or never, they would rise to the challenge and crush it! 

Coming spring of 2018, two biscuiteers put down the snacks, and go for a walk. This site will tell the tale of their quest for glory. Check the blog for weekly updates!